The Parish of Three Saints

Our Vacancies

Treasurer of The Parish of Three Saints

We will have a vacancy with effect from 31st December 2020 for a Treasurer for the Parish.

The role is a Co-opted member of the PCC and Trustee of the charity

The main responsibilities of the position are:

Lead the Finance Team

Maintain a timely record of all Receipts and Payments

Carry out any banking.

Authorise all internet banking transactions.

Complete Gift Aid claims and ensure accurate Gift Aid records are maintained.

Produce management accounts for all PCC meetings

Prepare Annual Accounts and Report

Liaise with the Independent Examiner

Maintain a close working relationship with the PCC


The existing Treasurer, Jim Hanmer, will be on hand to provide a smooth transition and offer any advice that may be required.

He will also willing speak with anyone considering the position.