The Parish of Three Saints

Listening Project


The idea behind the Listening Project is to develop a listening culture and to deepen our relationships with God and each other.  The PCC annual report celebrates that, as a Church family, we are constantly seeking to be a Healthy Church and to 'be Church' better. This means we take our relationship with God seriously as we seek to be God’s presence  in our neighbourhood to the best of our ability. 

Listening Project Update - What’s it all about?


· Listening more carefully to help build relationships

· Improving the two-way communication in the life of   our Parish

· Developing God’s plan for our neighbourhood and  wider          community.

Over the past year two small teams of people from the  Pastoral Care Team have been meeting with people on the Church Electoral Roll to explore six different areas of faith.

 It has been a huge privilege and honour to meet with those who have taken part and we would like to thank you all for your contributions.

We have not managed to meet with everyone on the church electoral roll yet. So, if you would like to participate and haven’t been asked, please see Anthony, Ginnie, Carla or Sarah to arrange a suitable time and date to meet.

We plan to present our findings to the PCC and produce a  written report upon completion of the project.

There is a leaflet in each of our churches if you would like further information.or click below.

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