The Parish of Three Saints

Our Parish Priest

An introduction from Kevin Wright, our new Priest from April 2019  




Dear Friends,

My faith journey began as a child in Gloucester, growing up in a Christian family with a knowledge of the love of Jesus and my parents setting an example of commitment to church and Sunday School.

My father, Fred, was ordained when I was a teenager and people asked if I should follow him into the church. After due consideration, I felt my calling was to teach Chemistry and Science, which I did, later also adding ICT, for over 30 years. It was the right vocation.

I met Chris, my wife, when she was at college in Gloucester and we married while I was at university in Southampton. We have throughout the years always served our local church and supported and encouraged each other in our faith. Chris was also a teacher. She is an accredited Lay Worship Assistant, member of the Diocesan Synod, and, among other things, a spinner, weaver and knitter.

Over the years the discipline of regular church attendance, the Eucharist, daily scripture reading and prayer has helped us through both joyful and painfully traumatic times. My father’s unpleasant but dignified death, my younger daughter’s acute mental illness, experience of injustice and other life events have all shaped our faith and about twelve years ago I felt called to reconsider ordination. God’s timing is perfect – this time it felt so right and I was quickly accepted and trained on The Oxford Ministry Course at Cuddesdon, which is an exemplary microcosm of the Church of England in its tolerance and breadth of churchmanship.

After a three-year Curacy in villages near Oxford, I moved to work as Rector in Woolavington with Cossington and Bawdrip and have now been called to work in TPOTS. For Chris and me it feels so right, and this has been confirmed by many other people, including the discernment panel here. The Holy Spirit has clearly led us to this point, and we see an exciting future ministry with you in these villages.

We have two married daughters and two grandsons, all of whom attend and serve in their own churches.

To relax I enjoy many activities including holidays, music (both playing and listening), painting, walking and watching rugby. We have two cats. I still maintain a passion for Science and stand in awe of God’s creation. God’s world is great and being stunned into silence in His awesome presence seems to me to be a wonderful way to worship. We are after all human beings, not human doings.


Every blessing,