The Parish of Three Saints


Greetings from The Rector of The Parish of Three Saints,

The Revd. Kevin Wright

A warm welcome from your Church of England, in fact there are three churches here working as one parish, in this beautiful part of Somerset.

Whether you have come to this website to find out more about our beliefs, services and events, to enquire about baptism (christening), weddings, funerals or memorial services or just because you happened upon it by chance, we hope you will look around.

If you just want information about baptisms, weddings, funerals or memorial services click here.

There is a lot going on across the parish, from traditional church Holy Communion to All-Age lively worship and Café Church, from quiet meditations and open-air services to family workshops, from coffee mornings to  home groups, support groups and discussions.

We are a ‘people on a journey’ and we are very aware of new things Jesus can do amongst us if we travel together. It’s an exciting time and we’d love to share the journey with you too.

If you would like to find out more, but find the idea of going into church for the first time a bit daunting, call me and we’ll have a chat first.  I may be able to introduce you to someone who can                                              help you take that step. Incidentally, there is no dress code for church, some people dress up others wear jeans. And children too – don’t worry if the fidget or make noise. It’s all fine, God                                                  loves us just as we are.

Everyone is welcome. None of us is too bad (or for that matter too good) for church.